I’m Moving! New Website & Blog

My new website at http://www.waynekellywrites.com

Yes, I’ve finally got around to sorting out my website and have transferred all of my posts to my self-hosted domain – waynekellywrites.com

WordPress Followers . . . please follow?

Many of you may already be using that domain name and so won’t see any real difference, but I really don’t want to lose touch with all the lovely bloggers that have commented and follow this blog by email. Unfortunately, as this is the free version of WordPress, I have no way to take you with me. However, I would love you to pop over to the new site, have a look around, and take a few seconds to join my new email list?

All of my old content is already over there waiting, with new stuff being added every week. As if all of that wasn’t enough, in the coming weeks, there will be some free bonus content for members of my mailing list, as I move towards the release of Safe Hands in June 2018.

I want to thank you for supporting and following the blog so far and hope I can continue to improve my content for you and keep the conversation going.

So, see you all over at WayneKellyWrites for tea and cake?*

*You may have to supply your own tea. And Cake.**

** OK, you will definitely have to supply your own tea and cake.

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